The Headliner Competition

Following what would have been the 2020 festival, we wanted to honor our original bookings as much as possible. We were also aware that performers who would have been originally considered "Newcomers" have all progressed to different areas, some having developed into established performers and others using the past few years as much needed breaks. As a result we wanted to expand the criteria of the competition to no longer be for "Newcomer" performers. For 2023 the festival competition will be open to not only newer performers but those who are actively trying to push themselves into the "established" positions on the scene. As a result, there is no limit to the number of years you have been performing. You can also apply to the Rebel Cabaret.

Due to this change in the competition, we felt it appropriate to not only rename the competition but also dedicate it to our dear friend, Piggy Rox, who passed in 2022. Piggy Rox was a phenomenal performer who was going to be competing in the 2020 Rising Rebel. To a lot of us, Piggy Rox was our Headliner and we want to do our bit to honor and immortalize them. There's no better way to do so by dedicating the competition and title to them.

Currently there are 5 positions to compete at the Headliner Competition at the Cork Burlesque Festival 2023. This means that it's going to be a lot more difficult for us to decide on the acts but please still apply as we will review the applications if we have any performer drop outs before the show!

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Headliner Competition banner image, showing the cast of the 2019 Cork Burlesque Festival

Hall of Fame


Portrait of Miss Velvet Fox
Rising Rebel - Velvet Fox
Portrait of Ellen Degenerate
Good Egg Award - Ellen Degenerate